Inheritance Tax Planning

Verity Accountants have wealth of experience to provide a wide range of specialist advice and services on inheritance tax planning including tax exemptions and limits.

Inheritance tax can prove expensive for many families. That’s why Verity Accountants draw on many years’  experience to provide cost-effective inheritance tax planning to ensure you make savings on your inheritances, however complex or specific your needs may be.

When it comes to inheritance tax planning, we know that smart financial planning and efficient investment opportunities are key strategies to keep tax obligations associated with inheritance to a minimum. In some instances, and in compliance with tax regulations, we will have helped many beneficiaries to avoid inheritance tax liabilities altogether.

There are several factors that affect inheritance tax obligations, such as the available income,  size of your estate and the nature of assets held. That’s why receiving expert advice that is specific to your circumstances is very important.

Estate Planning

An estate includes land and buildings. Having a strategic plan with the right approaches and documents in place about your land and buildings will ensure that the estate supports your financial needs and goals.

Strategic estate management is what you do to make sure your estate supports your personal needs and financial goals. Effective estate planning involves well-coordinated and integrated approach to  your personal and  business planning processes.

Also, a continuous upkeep and maintenance of the estate to accord with  regulations and the requirements of your basis of occupation is highly essential in maintaining and increasing the value and equity of you estate.

Estate planning can involve many interconnected and possibly difficult issues. We provide advice on the mitigation of inheritance tax  on estate planning for UK domiciled individuals or non-domiciled individuals with assets in the UK.

Key Approaches to Supporting You:

Our experienced and expert Accountants and Independent Financial Advisors are well placed to help you manage your estate and inheritance tax, tax-efficiently.  They adopt key approaches such as:

  • Setting up a trust – including seeking advice for with legal experts
  • Delivering a trust tax compliance service – including HMRC returns and compliance correspondence
  • Guiding trust transfers – preparing hold-over relief documents etc.
  • Developing tax strategies – using trusts as asset protection structures
  • Recommending private investments and pensions accounting – including the suitability of conduit trusts
  • Supporting vulnerable beneficiaries – in all their trust dealings.

Our Certified Chartered Accountants can ensure that your inheritance tax and estate planning issues are handled competently, comprehensively and effectively. We have access to wide range of advice network of firms and other contacts, enabling us to coordinate advice from a number of jurisdictions in an efficient manner.

Specific Services 

We provide bespoke services that are tailored to your specific needs such as:

  • Providing advice on inheritance tax matters.
  • Managing estate duty advice from other jurisdictions.
  • Supporting in the planning required to make lifetime gifts, whether out of income or capital.
  • Coordinating the drafting of tax wills efficient wills that ensure that you benefit the people you want to benefit.
  • Making efficient use of the spouse exemption and transferable nil rate bands.
  • Ensuring that you qualify for any available reliefs or exemptions, such as business property relief or agricultural property relief.
  • Facilitating the establishment of trusts.
  • Guidance on coordinating trust reorganisations

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