Wealth planning

We work with our Independent Financial Advisors (IFA) to provide expert, independent wealth management advice for individuals and their businesses to manage wealth efficiently and achieve financial security.

Our expert Financial Advisors can talk you through various option to establish your financial objectives and achieve your personal and business financial goals whatever your circumstances. Our Advisors will work closely with you and suggest a comprehensive wealth management strategy that is tailored to your specific concerns and objectives.

Personal financial planning

Our IFAs can work with you to achieve an optimal state of personal wealth by:

  • Working on tax-efficient pension planning for you and your business,
  • Arranging your finances to make the most of tax-planning opportunities.
  • Getting to know your risk profile, and manage investments in line with it.
  • Helping you to achieve a balance of income and capital growth in retirement.
  • Implementing structured inheritance tax planning
  • Arranging mortgages for a range of purposes – such as residential, buy-to-let and commercial properties
  • Using trusts to protect and preserve wealth.


Tax-efficiency is the key to wealth management, so we can also work with you

to identify other ways of making your affairs more tax-efficient. We could, for


  • Regulate your pension contributions
  • Protect large amounts of interest or dividend income from tax
  • Recommend an exit strategy if you are selling your business or retiring
  • Enhance and protect borrowings.
  • Extracting profit from your business
  • Adopt efficient remuneration strategies
  • Tax-efficient savings and investments
  • Estate and inheritance tax planning
  • Gifting strategies

Business financial planning

Our IFAs are competent to advise on business financial planning such as:

  • Workplace pensions and compliance with auto-enrolment
  • Implement tax-efficient company pension arrangements (including stakeholder, employee, directors, SIPPs,).
  • Ensuring that employee benefits scheme is cost-effective to the business and valued by employees.
  • Ensuring that cost-effective insurance is in place to protect your business
  • Effective succession planning which is important to the company
  • Acquisition of business premises.


Key approaches to wealth management:

Our experienced and expert IFAs are determined to support you with wealth management. They adopt key wealth management approaches such as

  • Investment: choosing investment plans that are more likely to derive returns to meet your objectives and timescales
  • Secure pension plan: helping you to build up enough wealth to enjoy a comfortable retirement
  • Income in retirement: delivering the sustainable income you need, tax-efficiently
  • Lifestyle protection: financial security for you, your family and your business should the worst happen
  • Inheritance tax planning: helping you pass on as much of your wealth as possible
  • Paying for long-term care: the specialist advice you need to make the right decision
  • Mortgages: independent advice on mortgages
  • Workplace pensions and employee benefits: including making sure you fulfil your auto-enrolment duties.

Would you like to know more?

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